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Key Exchange Algorithm: RSA


RSA[320][321] key exchange is a key exchange[467] that has no forward secrecy[135][136][137][138], and does not protect past sessions against future compromises. If long-term secret keys or passwords are compromised, encrypted communications and sessions recorded in the past can be retrieved and decrypted. Throughout its history RSA encryption has had many security flaws[310][311][312][313][314][315] and was affected by variety of attack types: chosen-ciphertext attack[557] (eg: Bleichenbacher's attack[76][77], ROBOT attack[540][541][542][543]), side-channel attack[106][107][108] (eg: padding oracle attack[45][46][47][48], like Bleichenbacher's cat[337][338][339][340]).
Always prefer cipher suites with PFS property over the non-PFS ones. Note that performance considerations implies preferring Ephemeral Elliptic-curve Diffie–Hellman[91][92] over Ephemeral Diffie-Hellman[142][143][144][145].

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OpenSSL version: 0.9.8+
ssl_ciphers …:!kRSA
OpenSSL version: 0.9.8+
SSLCipherSuite …:!kRSA

Affected Ciphersuites