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We are paranoid geeks with two decades of experience working for leading companies in the IT security industry. We always look at IT systems with a critical eye – carefully examining them for any weaknesses – and we never compromise when it comes to security. 


The IT environment is changing rapidly, with increasing expectations in terms of compliance, the emergence of new technologies and thousands of new vulnerabilities discovered daily. As a result, the ongoing maintenance and updating of half a billion application servers available on the internet and private networks require significant resources and specialized expertise. 


Overburdened IT and security teams are often unable to perform these tasks on a regular basis and in a methodical manner, putting organizations and the sensitive data they handle at significant risk. Our mission is to take this burden off their shoulders with an easy-to-use, automated yet compromise-free solution that can help make our digital world safer.

If you would like to try our service, require assistance or would simply like to tell us your opinion on something, please contact us using the details below. 


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