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Key Exchange Algorithm: anonymous Diffie-Hellman


The anonymous Diffie-Hellman[90] key exchange[467] is a variant of Diffie-Hellman[269][270][271][272][273] key exchange that does not provide authenticity[201][202][203]. Lack of authentication causes that the identity of server cannot be proved, so connection is open for a man-in-the-middle attack[414].
Remove the cipher suite from the list of cipher suites supported by your server or replace the cipher suite with it's Ephemeral Diffie-Hellman[142][143][144][145] version.

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Config Snippets

You can fix your security setting with the following config snippets in various services. You simply copy-paste (or delete) them to get a better secirity and grade. Do not forget to re-check your modified settings above.

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OpenSSL version: 0.9.8+
ssl_ciphers …:!ADH
OpenSSL version: 0.9.8+
SSLCipherSuite …:!ADH

Affected Ciphersuites