How to use Scanigma

Scanigma is a comprehensive tool to measure your secure connections. Supports many kinds of secure protocols such as https, smtps, pop3s, and imaps (StartTLS as well supported).

Query a host

To measure your service you can start the query with a hostname, domain name, or IP address too. If the service is not listening at its default port you can define the port as well.

query examples

default protocol and port:
only the protocol is defined:
both protocol and port are defined:

To measure your different services you can define the query with the desired protocol. If the protocol is not defined https is the default. Without port definition, every protocol is tested with its default port. 

Supported protocols are (in the free checker):

protocol definitiondefault portnote
https://443default (if neither the protocol nor the port is defined)
pop3://110StartTLS supported
imap://143StartTLS supported
smtp://25StartTLS supported
tls://443For general TLS-based service testing.